TUG Dog Waste Bag Dispenser with Dog Poop Bags, 15 Bags Per Roll, With Dispenser

$6.99 Regular price $8.99
Color - Black
Conveniently Connects To Retractable Leashes, Belt Loops, Bags, etc.

This product conveniently attaches to retractable leashes, belt loops, bags, and other items for easy access and convenience.

One Size Fits Any TUG Retractable Leash

This product is designed to fit any TUG retractable leash, ensuring compatibility and versatility.

15 Bags Included (One Roll); Any Standard Sized Rolls Can Be Used To Replace

With this product, you receive 15 bags included in one roll. Additionally, you can easily replace them with any standard-sized rolls.

Bags Contain EPI Additives & Are More Earth Friendly; Bags, Cores, and Packaging Made From Recycled Material

The bags included in this product contain EPI additives, making them more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the bags, cores, and packaging are all made from recycled materials.

100% Leak Proof Bags For Safe Handling; Each Bag Measures 13 x 9 Inches

These bags are 100% leak-proof, ensuring safe and clean handling. Each bag measures 13 x 9 inches, providing ample space for waste disposal.