Nugget Premium Drinking Fountain

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2.5L Smart Pet Drinking Fountain for Cats & Small Dogs | Water Filtration| Silent Pump with Dry-Run Protection | Automatic Dish Cleansing

2.5 liters capacity fountain constantly filters water and encourages your pet to drink more.

Automatic purge will intermittently clean the water dish of floating debris or loose hairs - Your pet will always have fresh water! 

Incredibly quiet with low-energy consumption | USB-powered pump is less than 20dB.

Dual Modes: Smart Mode saves more power and reduces frequency of filter replacements.

Water level protection and overflow alarms preserve pump life.

Simple to remove all parts, refill, and clean. The drinking dish/pump assembly sits upright during refill - no more mess!

Food grade BPA-free Plastic makes water safe to drink.

Nugget Fountain Product Manual