Oval Rope Leash with Integrated Bag Compartment

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Color - Black

Oval Compartment Holds Up To 3 Loose Poop Pickup Bags! *Does NOT fit rolls.

Simply Stuff Your Own Bags In the Integrated Compartment And Use Them One-By-One As Needed. No More Tying Bags On Your Leash!

Our poop pickup bag holder features an oval compartment that can conveniently hold up to 3 loose poop pickup bags. Please note that it does not fit rolls of bags. With this innovative design, you can easily stuff your own bags into the integrated compartment and use them one-by-one as needed. Say goodbye to the hassle of tying bags onto your leash!

Heavy-Duty 1/2" Thick Climbing Rope Material - Safe And Secure For Large Dogs

Made from heavy-duty 1/2" thick climbing rope material, our poop pickup bag holder is built to last. It is designed to withstand the strength and energy of large dogs, ensuring safety and security during walks or outings. You can trust that our bag holder will hold up well even with rigorous use.

Large Heavy-Duty Clasp With 360 Degree Swivel With Smooth Open & Close

The bag holder features a large heavy-duty clasp with a 360-degree swivel mechanism. This allows for easy attachment and detachment from your leash or belt loop. The clasp is designed for smooth open and close action, making it effortless to access the poop bags when needed. You can rely on its durability and functionality for your daily walks or adventures with your furry friend.