Anti-Chew Leash Extension for Retractable Leashes (2 Pack)

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Attach This Sacrificial Extension To Retractable Leashes While Your Dog Is Training

This product is designed to be attached to retractable leashes while your dog is in training, providing added functionality and control.

Protect Your Retractable Leash During Your Dog's Teething Phase

During your dog's teething phase, this product helps protect your retractable leash from potential damage caused by chewing.

Nylon Cord Is Thick And Strong (Not Chew Proof)- Let Your Dog Chew On This Instead Of Your Leash!

The nylon cord used in this product is thick and strong, although it's not chew-proof. It is meant to redirect your dog's chewing behavior away from your leash.

Two Attachments Included - Walk Two Dogs At The Same Time!

This product comes with two attachments, allowing you to walk two dogs simultaneously using a single leash.

Note: If Walking Two Dogs With One Leash, Combined Dog Weight Must Not Exceed Leash Rating

When walking two dogs with one leash, it's important to note that the combined weight of both dogs must not exceed the leash's rating for safety reasons.

This Product is Not Chew-Proof. Its Purpose is to Mitigate Chewing on Your Main Leash.

Please be aware that this product is not chew-proof. Its primary purpose is to help reduce chewing on your main leash by providing an alternative chewing option.